On-site Document Shredding

What is On-Site Document Shredding?

On-Site Shredding provides alternative benefits to our New York customers, as we bring the paper shredding services to you! Our on-site document shredding solutions are both highly secure and affordable. Your New York business can continue to focus on serving your customers and generating revenue. Like our Off-Site document shredding services, our On-site or Mobile Shredding solutions will keep your company in compliance with state and federal privacy regulations. You no longer have to worry about data breaches that are often associated with office shredders.

How does our On-Site Document Shredding Process Work?

Our certified drivers will arrive at your New York business, pick up confidential materials from your locked containers and bring them directly to our shredding truck parked at your vicinity. Our On-site document shredding process is quick, secure, and completed in a timely manner.

How it Works:

  1. One of our certified drivers will arrive at your New York place of business to pick up your sensitive documents. Immediately all contents will be taken directly to our highly secure shred truck, where the shredding process will begin.
  2. We’ll provide your business with a copy of our Work Order, highlighting the details of items that were picked up.
  3. For additional peace of mind, you will then have the option of witnessing the destruction occur first-hand, through our video surveillance system.
  4. The hydraulic lift on the shred truck then raises the container to the shredder and your confidential information is shredded in minutes.
  5. All shredded paper is baled and shipped to a paper mill for recycling purposes.
  6. After completing the secure destruction process, you’ll receive a copy of your invoice and a Certificate of Destruction, as written documentation.

Click here to see a step-by-step preview of our On-Site Shredding process.

Why Choose our On-Site Paper Shredding Service?

  • Receive convenient and safe service by our skilled employees, and state of the art mobile shred truck.
  • Purge services are available for one-time shredding requirements.
  • Sensitive documents are never transported or sorted off-site, increasing security measures
  • Our shred truck can shred in minutes what might take you hours, and we’ll complete it with little disruption in your work day
  • Watch the shredding process first-hand through our high-tech video surveillance