Security Considerations for Your New Business

It’s not overly shocking to learn that many small businesses lack proper internal security measures, specifically related to document management. Why? Probably because most believe that such security processes are only necessary if you are operating a large corporation. Sadly we notice that the opposite is typically the truth and those small companies end up Full Post

Maintaining Office Morale As Summer Begins To End

With summer sadly beginning to come to a close for another year, it’s quite common for office morale to take a hit. Daylight hours become shorter, the weather becomes cooler and soggier, and beaches and parks begin to close for the year. While it can be tough to combat the end-of-summer blues, there are some Full Post

Travelling this Summer? Keep your Belongings and Identity Protected

It is a common practice for many business employees; travelling, whether for business purposes or pleasure, can be extremely rewarding, but it also comes with some key responsibilities and considerations to keep in mind. If you’re travelling this summer, you’ll need to check that you have all the items and resources packed that you’ll require Full Post

A Purge Can Increase Productivity and Security Levels

Are your employees struggling to stay productive throughout the work day? Perhaps you are finding it hard to concentrate at your home office because of excess clutter? It can be tough to complete business duties when you feel as though your surroundings are taking over and you are not comfortable in your workspace or home Full Post

How Can Businesses Beat the Summer Slowdown?

Summer time is here and the weather is as beautiful as ever! While you may be planning your family weekend getaway, in the business world things can slow down as July moves along. This “Lull” in activity can sometimes cause uncertainty and panic among business owners, as it’s easy to focus only on a loss Full Post