Improve Mental Health in Your Workplace with Better Organization

One of the easiest and effective ways to assist in your mental health at work is to ensure your workplace is clean and orderly. Of course each of your staff likely have their own preferred way of working, including what their desk looks like on a regular basis, but with some basic cleaning suggestions, your Full Post

Why a Professional Document Shredding Company is the Way to Go

It is Your Legal Obligation All companies whether large or small, must make an effort to keep sensitive documents protected in relation to privacy legislation like HIPAA and FACTA.  Old business documents that contain personal information require secure destruction at the time of disposal. Tossing them in the trash or recycling bin leaves your records Full Post

Why You Should Think Twice About That Office Shredder

Protecting confidential business matters is arguably more important today than ever before. Unfortunately we are still dealing with information theft cases popping up all of the time, and it doesn’t look like the threat is going away anytime soon; we need to do everything possible to combat this problem in an effort to stay safe. Full Post

Why Confidential Documents May be Slipping Out Your Door

Online theft and fraud is a regular occurrence that unfortunately affects many businesses and individuals, but remember that this isn’t the only security threat your Manhattan office might be facing. In fact, there are many threats to your office’s security internally. Employee error on its own can lead to data breach, and angry or mischievous employees could Full Post

Implementing a Clean Desk Policy

A Clean Desk Policy is recommended so that your staff keeps their personal work spaces free of clutter and mess; most importantly, they are effective in securing sensitive matters from exposure. Following the end of a business day, it is highly recommended that computer systems are turned off and secured with password protection to reduce Full Post