The Best Security Tips for Your Start-up Business

  It’s no surprise that smaller organizations usually have fewer security measures in place due to the simple fact that they believe their size will exclude them as a prime target. Unfortunately, the contrary is quite true, and these companies are key targets for cyber criminals. With that said, it shouldn’t be the only reason Full Post

Paper Shredding Facts: The Fascinating History of the Paper Shredder

                  American Security Shredding maintains a firm and confident stance that shredding results with industrial-grade machines and expert advice are far superior to using an office shredder. We have even put together a fact sheet about office shredders, and why you should seriously consider using a more Full Post

Do You Know About The Red Flags Rule?

If you own or operate a business in New York you may know that there are many different pieces of legislation that make an impact on your day to day operations and how you conduct business. Keeping track of these rules can be a daunting and exhausting task. When it comes to document shredding, American Full Post

Does Your Company Know What to Shred and What to Keep?

Shredding your outdated documents is a critical practice to maintaining a secure work environment. But before moving ahead and employing a document destruction provider, have you really asked yourself what you should be shredding? And, maybe even more importantly, what shouldn’t you be shredding? New York, Long Island and Manhattan, are all covered under federal Full Post

Tips to Maintaining an Organized Office (Document Retention & Destruction)

You may be able to recall a time when your New York City office was overwhelmingly cluttered with all sorts of paper documents; some very important, others less so. You likely know that having a cluttered office space is not ideal for several reasons. Having a cluttered office counters good practices such as organization and Full Post