Does Your Company Know What to Shred and What to Keep?

Shredding your outdated documents is a critical practice to maintaining a secure work environment. But before moving ahead and employing a document destruction provider, have you really asked yourself what you should be shredding? And, maybe even more importantly, what shouldn’t you be shredding? New York, Long Island and Manhattan, are all covered under federal Full Post

Tips to Maintaining an Organized Office (Document Retention & Destruction)

You may be able to recall a time when your New York City office was overwhelmingly cluttered with all sorts of paper documents; some very important, others less so. You likely know that having a cluttered office space is not ideal for several reasons. Having a cluttered office counters good practices such as organization and Full Post

Remaining HIPAA Compliant – Key Tips

If you are in the Manhattan area and work for the healthcare system, it’s essential that your practice remains in compliance with HIPAA standards and regulations. Failing to do so could lead to significant fines for your company. In fact, studies reveal that a breach of HIPAA could lead to almost $25,000 in fines, depending Full Post

How On-site Shredding Keeps your Business Running Efficiently & Securely

American Security Shredding already maintains some of the most state-of-the-art shredding services and facilities in New York. But did you know we can also bring this state-of-the-art service right to the front door of your Manhattan-area house or business? Read on to discover how this service can increase efficiency, security and peace of mind for Full Post

Data Breach is Often Caused by Employee Error – Here Are Common Mistakes Made

Over the last few years, research has determined that human error is a top cause of data breaches in workplaces across the globe. What are some common mistakes in the workplace that result in a data breach? Giving into a phishing scam:  This scam takes place when an employee receives an email from a fraudulent Full Post