Implementing a Clean Desk Policy

April 11, 2018

A Clean Desk Policy is recommended so that your staff keeps their personal work spaces free of clutter and mess; most importantly, they are effective in securing sensitive matters from exposure. Following the end of a business day, it is highly recommended that computer systems are turned off and secured with password protection to reduce the risk of online theft, and hacking.  It’s a good idea to also remove and securely store away any CDs, floppy disks, or memory sticks, to avoid potential exposure.

clean Desk Policy Info Graphic

Be Sure to Practice it Yourself (and the rest of management)

It’s important to practice what you preach when it comes to implementing new, and critical policies in your workplace. Because top management handles the bulk of confidential information in most cases, it is necessary that management and executives are following the policy to establish a clear example for the rest of the staff.

Put the Policy in Writing

Be sure that your policy is in writing and there is an available copy of it online as well and through your internal business management program. In some situations a business will select and appoint an individual to be responsible for carrying out random inquiries, confirming that all work spaces are free from confidential material.

Use Ongoing, Regular Reminders

A Clean Desk Policy checklist should include office reminders that stress total adherence.

Think about putting up memos outlining the policy online and in common areas throughout your work space, where employees will easily spot them, such as in your boardroom or lunchroom.

Reduce Paper Use

Ask that your staff share information electronically whenever able; this is a great approach and best first step to protect our environment, it also helps keep your office clean and organized. Use online solutions for setting up meetings. Consider scanning documents and email them to your staff as PDFs. Less paper results in fewer documents to flood your desk.

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